Lesson fees are paid in advance and by the month. The monthly lesson fee is due before the first lesson of the month. Automatic Payments are $179.96 (30min monthly lessons) or $209.96 (45min monthly lessons) via debit/credit card through the website (https://865.463.myftpupload.com/payments). Your card will be automatically charged on the first week of every month. If you choose to do manual payments each month, there will be a $10 convenience fee added. Manual payments can be made in person at the UNIK Education Facility.


UNIK Education must be notified of the student’s inability to attend a lesson at least 48 hours in advance if a make-up is desired. Without proper notice, a make-up will not be granted. A make-up is only guaranteed if scheduled within 1 week of the student’s request – LIMIT 1 make-up per quarter  (3 months). To cancel future lessons, UNIK Education must be notified at least 30 DAYS in advance.

UNIK Education will be closed for a weeklong break 4 times/year. These weeks will be held Easter week (Spring Break), 4th of July week, Thanksgiving week, and Christmas week. This will still give each student 48 lessons/year due to the 5th lesson/month that occurs 4 times/year.


If a UNIK Education instructor misses a lesson, and no sub is provided, a make-up lesson will be granted. UNIK Education will make every effort to keep a student with the same instructor. However, the student (by signing up) agrees that UNIK Education has the discretion to reassign a student to a different instructor as needed. The student may also request to switch to a different instructor for any reason. UNIK Education will make every effort to accommodate the student’s request.


By signing up, the student agrees to release, hold harmless and indemnify UNIK Education from all known and unknown claims arising from or related to instruction by UNIK Education or its instructors, including but not limited to, all claims of negligence whether injury is sustained on or off UNIK Education’s premises.

I grant permission for the student to participate and appear in video or audio recordings, films, photographs, written articles, or on websites and social media sites. This consent includes the use and editing of the student’s image, voice and name in media projects by UNIK Education to print, broadcast or Internet media outlets, such as newspapers, radio and television stations and news websites. In consideration of the opportunity for the student to participate, I release UNIK Education including its employees and contractors, from all claims resulting from the use and editing of my the student’s image, voice or name, and the use, sale, editing and release to media outlets. If you DO NOT APPROVE the media release terms, please let the UNIK Education management or your instructor know and we will make sure that the student is not featured in any of the above mentioned.

Terms and Conditions - UNIK EDUCATION